Common Mistakes in Reviewing Process of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Unfortunately, there is no global consensus on the ways or techniques of reviewing environmental impact assessment reports. Furthermore, the prediction results of any environmental impact assessment reports can not be verified 100%. It is an anticipation of the future behaviors of the operation of the project. Therefore, the risk is high in the outcomes of EIA reports. 

However, a company who undertakes the execution of the project that needs environmental impact assessment study takes more risk by conducting the environmental impact assessment study for their own project. That urges the experienced reviewers to be more suspicious about the negative impacts of the project. It is an obvious conflict of interest that causes a delay in the period of reviewing process and increases the risk of rejecting the project. 

Companies and industries sometimes need to conduct the EIA for their own project when their project contains confidential informations that they don't wanna disclose for consulting firms. It is a good point to look at; however, it is risky. 

Less-experienced reviewers who neglecte this fact discover later that they made a mistake of permitting the project by realizing the negative impacts in reality. 



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