Four Things to Look at Before You Hire an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultant

To have the right predictions of the negative impacts of your project, it is very important to choose the right environmental impact assessment consultant for your project. It is not enough for the consultant to be especialized in general environmental sciences. It is not even enough to be specialized in the area of the project itself as if he is an expert of cement industry to right the EIA study for establishing or ongoing cement factory.
We can summarize the four main aspects that an EIA consultant should be aware of. 

Your consultant should have, first, a good knowledge in the frameworks and processes of environmental impact assessment projects. These EIA processes and frameworks are very helpful and mandatory to follow them in some countries or regions. 

Second, the consultant should be aware of the environmental legislations and regulations locally, regionally, and internationally to be able to conduct an environmental impact assessment study. 

Third, the consultant should be aware of the activities and the various industrial processes of the specific type of industry to be able to predict the harmful outcomes from this type of industry. Reading the context where the study takes place is essential for EIA study. 

Forth, being able to analyze the designs and the engineering aspects of the project under-study whether it is an industry or infrastructure project in order to identify the future negative impacts. 



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